Foster® brands globally provide a wide range of technologically advanced vapour barrier mastics and coatings for cold/cryogenic insulation systems. Supplied in hand/trowel and air-less spray versions, Foster® coatings are used to finish insulation on piping, valves, equipment, tanks, vessels, etc.

Foster’s range of coatings/ mastics consists of both solvent and water based coatings as well as asphalt cutback mastics. Solvent based coatings are referred to as Monolar, water based coatings are named Weatherite.

Our Foster® range is tested, approved and globally specified in various markets, such as LNG, Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Offshore, Ship building and (Petro-)chemical industry. We also supply weatherproof, UV resistant, “breather” coatings for ambient and hot insulation finish. Our water based coatings designed for ambient and hot thermal insulation are applied in industrial, residential, commercial construction and maintenance markets. To provide solutions for all insulation challenges Temati also supplies selected non-Foster coatings.

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