Glukon Prime

Glukon Prime

GLUKON® prime can be used as a contact adhesive by applying it on both sides. For reliable bonding of mineral wool, PUR / PIR, acoustic foam, rubber materials, foam insulation materials such as FEF (Flexible Elastomeric Foam) and PEF (Polyethylene Furanoate), XPS / EPS, PE and geotextile.

Unilaterally applied, GLUKON®prime improves the adhesion of all common tapes of acrylic, butyl, bitumen and rubber to absorbent surfaces such as Concrete, masonry, aerated concrete, plaster, fiberboard, wood, etc. Furthermore, GLUKON®prime is applied unilaterally as a fast fixation for the assembly of geotextiles, façade membranes, underlayer membranes, vapor barriers, underlayers, etc.

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