Adhesives/ Sealants

As exclusive Foster distributor we supply a wide range of technologically advanced Foster® sealants and adhesives throughout our designated region, being Europe, Russia, the former Soviet Union countries, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

Our Foster® sealant and Foster® adhesive product range is tested, approved and globally specified in various markets, such as (petro-) chemical and cryogenic industry, construction, industry, shipbuilding and offshore. We build on decades of experience in international supply and support and have proven track records.

To provide solutions for all industrial insulation challenges we’ve extended our adhesives and sealants product ranges with various non-Foster products. For hot insulation we offer solutions such as Gasket Sealant, HT 81-27 Fibrous Adhesive, TemFlex HT Curing Rubber. For applications that require contact adhesives we supply Fos-Stik and Glukon Prime.

Feel free to contact us and let one of our experts advise you about your specific project requirements.

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