Board of directors

Transparency, reliability and sustainability are considered essential to Temati’s business and its position in the market. The Board of Directors is committed to safeguard quality, working conditions and environment. Consequentially we delicately weigh the balance of people, planet and prosperity in all our decisions. These values are recognized as being important for the future of Temati and made an integrated part of our company’s DNA. Policy is based on following key-points:

  • The safety-chain and quality-management must be reliable and secure and will have to be improved continuously. 
  • The wellbeing of people and environment is worthwhile to be protected. 
  • An excellent reputation with customers, suppliers, partners and employees is a key-condition for the existence of the company. 

This is the daily practice of Temati people, that has been applied in jobs and projects worldwide, resulting into satisfied and recurring customers.

Stefan Naenen

Stefan Naenen CFO

Born: July 1982
Joined Temati: October 2012

Arjan Jongkind

Arjan Jongkind CEO

Born: Augustus 1965
Joined Temati: September 2001


Management board

It is the people that make the company. Temati is proud to have a dedicated and experienced group of people, that is responsible for the different Temati companies and export sales activities. These people lead our highly qualified local technical sales and production teams, that are closely working together with our customers. Our goal is to supply 360-degree support.

Andy Cholerton

Andy Cholerton

Manager United Kingdom
Born: October 1978
Joined Temati: May 2007
Jindřich Matoušek

Jindřich Matoušek

Manager Czech Republic
Born: January 1975
Joined Temati: March 2008
John van Voorbergen

John van Voorbergen

Manager Germany
Born: January 1964
Joined Temati: March 2001

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