• Protective Foils & Tapes

    Protective Foils & Tapes

    Foils, tapes and reinforcements to be used for primary and secondary vapour-barrier applications.

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  • Insulation Products

    Insulation Products

    Specialist insulating products for various operating temperatures and conditions. Whether it concerns a cryogenic, cold, dual-temperature, ambient or hot insulation system, Temati has the solution!

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  • Technical fabrics

    Technical fabrics

    Temtex™ fabrics are temperature-resistant fabrics, from 100 to 2000 gram/m², either in loom state, caramelized or treated/ coated with silicone, poly-urethane, alu-foil and high-temp treatment.

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  • Corrosion Under Insulation

    Corrosion Under Insulation

    CUI leads to expensive repairs, production stops and dangerous situations. Temati offers suitable solutions to prevent this.

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  • H.B. Fuller and Temati have joined forces to serve the market

    H.B. Fuller has taken over the product supply of its Foster brand throughout Europe, replacing the license agreement with Temati that has been in place since 1963.

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  • CycleSensation

    Februari 1st, the 11th edition of CycleSensation was organized in St. Jan Church in the center of Roosendaal, The Netherlands. An indoor cycling event, for which 200 cycles replaced the church banks, for a 12 hours marathon challenge to raise funds for palliative care for cancer patients and (local) cancer related charity such as Roparun and KIKA.

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  • Temati Distributors meeting in Brussels

    This year Temati's annual distributors meeting was held in Brussels. 

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  • Temati's safe, non-metallic end cap gasket minimises the risk of CUI

    Terminating the pipe insulation is a critical issue when sealing an insulation system.

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  • Passive Fire Protection covers: Temket-F

    In off-shore, LNG, (petro-)chemical and nuclear plants safety is even more critical than in other places. Installations require 60 minutes jet-fire protection to protect assets and personnel from exposure to hydrocarbon fires risk.

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Industrial insulation

Temati Group is an international supplier of protection and ancillary products used in the industrial and commercial insulation markets. Our product portfolio consists of specially designed insulation protection materials (mastics, coatings, foils), technical fabrics & flexible insulation jackets and ancillary products (sealants, adhesives, tapes). We serve our customers through an international network of Temati offices and distributors.

Temati does not simply supply high quality products with proven track records, but provides solutions for its clients ranging from asset owners & quality managers to engineers & contractors. Temati people give personal and technical support from the design stage to actual application in finding the best combination of products with the best results for your job. We have described this 360-degree support in our motto ‘thinking solutions’.

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